On June 7, 2014, www.masslive.com reported Massachusetts State Troopers and DEA agents seized a large quantity of heroin and crystal methamphetamine.  Troopers valued the seizure at approximately $1 million.

According to the report, Troopers had developed information suggesting a group of individuals were selling drugs from a hotel room on Route 1.  Troopers saw two men leave the hotel carrying a duffel bag.  As the men drove away, the police stopped the car and seized the drugs.  A search warrant also resulted in the seizure of drugs in the hotel room.

It is unclear from the article whether the police stopped the car based on a search warrant.  If not, what information did they have at the time of the stop?  Did the search warrant for the hotel room come after the car stop?

A top Massachusetts Drug Trafficking Defense Lawyer will work to suppress the evidence.  The sequence of events, any informants that may have been used, and if informants were used, how did they know the defendant’s were trafficking drugs?

Massachusetts Drug Trafficking Laws carry serious mandatory minimum state prison sentences.  Under the Massachusetts Drug Trafficking statutes, any conviction for a quantity of drugs over 200 grams comes with a 12 year mandatory minimum state prison sentence.  Based on the alleged value of the seizure, it is fair to infer the weight exceeds 200 grams.


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