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A clerk-magistrate’s hearing is a proceeding to determine whether a criminal complaint should issue against you.  Sometimes this is referred to as a show cause hearing or a probable cause hearing.  Regardless of the term used, this is the proceeding to determine whether you are going to become a criminal defendant.  Often people mistakenly believe this is a minor proceeding and they do not need to retain an attorney to represent them. It is important to hire the Best Clerk- Magistrate hearing lawyer.

As a potential criminal defendant, you should seriously consider retaining show cause Suffolk County Criminal Defense Attorney Jeff Miller for the clerk’s hearing.  At a clerk’s hearing, there are three basic outcomes.  First, find probable cause and issue a criminal complaint.  Second, a finding of no probable cause and no complaint issues.  Third, a finding of probable cause, but some other resolution other than issuing a criminal complaint.

When a criminal complaint issues, an arraignment will be scheduled.  An arraignment is the formal charging process where you are informed a criminal charge has been filed against you.  Arraignment is also the trigger for creating an entry on your Board of Probation record (often referred to as your CORI or criminal record).  Regardless of the result of your case, once you have been arraigned, the entry of that criminal charge will be on your board of probation record.  While there may be a remedy of sealing your record depending on the disposition of your case, sealing often requires the passage of time before you become eligible to seal a record.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  A clerk-magistrate hearing can have a serious impact on your future.  Contact Boston Show Cause Hearing Attorney Jeff Miller BEFORE your hearing.


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