The term “Nexus” is commonly used in the course of a criminal case.  What does it mean?  It simply means a connection to something.  While the definition is simple, the “Nexus” element is frequently a point of contention in a criminal case.

For example, the “Nexus” element can be an issue in determining if probable cause exists to search a particular location.  This is a common area of litigation in drug cases.  Sometimes police will gather enough evidence to believe a defendant committed a crime.  This could be found in executing a sale to a confidential informant or an undercover police officer.  Based on this information police may seek a search warrant for the defendant’s residence or perhaps his car.

Massachusetts courts have repeatedly stated that probable cause to believe a person has committed a crime is not necessarily probable cause to search a particular location.

When challenging the “Nexus” element, a top Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney will scrutinize the facts.  When evaluating the facts, it is critical to find the facts the government alleges connect the crime to the location to be searched.  A successful challenge of the nexus will result in suppression of evidence that will likely help the defense of the case.


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