On September 24, 2014, Massachusetts State Police arrested Daniel Dingui for trafficking Heroin.  According to the blog MSPnews.org, a Trooper stopped a red Acura for motor vehicle violations on Route 2 in Leominster, MA.  The blogpost indicates Dingui was a passenger in the car.  A “subsequent investigation” revealed Mr. Dingui was in possession of 52 grams of Heroin.

A top Massachusetts Drug Defense Lawyer will analyze the facts of the search with skepticism.  Under Massachusetts Law, when a vehicle is stopped for a civil motor vehicle infraction, as appears to be the case here, the driver should be cited and sent on his was.  Several questions arise from the limited set of facts in the article.  Where were the drugs seized from?  The passenger’s person?  If so, what were the facts justifying the exit order and subsequent search of the passenger in a car stopped for a motor vehicle infraction?  Were drugs or drug paraphernalia visible (or in “plain view”) when the Trooper approached the car?  Were the drugs seized from the glove compartment, center console or some other container inside the car?  If so, what facts justified a search of the car?

Trafficking Class A Heroin in Massachusetts is a felony offense carrying mandatory minimum state prison sentences f convicted.  A successful defense requires a well-thought discovery plan, a detailed motion strategy and thorough investigation of the facts surrounding the seizure of the drugs.


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