On July 4, 2014, The Enterprise reported Ronald Letts had been indicted for Heroin Trafficking, Cocaine Distribution, and possession of a large-capacity ammunition-feeding device.

According to the report, Letts was arrested after an alleged sale to an undercover police officer.  The report alleges police seized two bags of crack cocaine from Letts’ pocket, a “finger” of heroin that fell from the defendant’s pants leg at the time of arrest and 21 small bags of heroin seized from Letts’ buttocks.  The report also states police “searched Letts’ home” and seized additional heroin, cocaine, ammunition and 3 large-capacity magazines.  The police report Letts has a ‘violent criminal past.’

A Top Massachusetts Criminal Defense Law Firm will examine the seizure of the items from Letts’ home with particular scrutiny.  Did the arrest occur inside the home?  Did the police have a search warrant?  What was the nexus between the drug sale and the home?

Why are the answers to these questions important?  Massachusetts Drug Trafficking Laws establish the penalty based on the quantity or weight of the drugs.  The weight of the drugs alleged to be seized from the house will be added to the weight seized from Letts person.  This could have a significant impact on the potential punishment the defendant faces.  A constitutional challenge to the search of the home could result in the suppression of the evidence thereby substantially reducing the potential penalty.

Additionally, the report states the defendant has a ‘violent criminal past.’  Based on the defendant’s prior criminal history, the government may indict him as an “Armed Career Criminal” (ACC).  In Massachusetts, the legislature has enacted a statute that provides the prosecutor an option to charge a person as an “Armed Career Criminal.”  Commonly referred to as “ACC” the statute provides 3 different levels.  If convicted, the statute requires a mandatory minimum sentence of 3 years in state prison for ACC level 1, 10 years in state prison if convicted as an ACC level 2, and 15 years mandatory minimum in state prison if convicted as an ACC level 3.


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