On or about May 2, 2014, eight people were charged with trafficking cocaine in the Framingham, MA area.  According to the Metrowest Daily News, Robert Hairston, Norma Hairston, Carl Jones, Cheniel Garcia, Stephanie Ressor, Calvin Hodge, Nasean Johnson and Mark Perkins were charged with drug offenses that include trafficking cocaine.

The Metrowest article reports several law enforcement agencies, including the Massachusetts State Police, made arrests after an investigation that included ‘extensive phone taps.’

The Massachusetts legislature has enacted laws relating to phone taps.  Commonly referred to as the ‘wiretap statute,’ Massachusetts General Laws ch. 272, § 99 permits law enforcement officials to tap phone conversation if they obtain a search warrant.  The ‘wiretap statute’ is very specific about the requirements for receiving a ‘wiretap warrant’ as well as the continued use of the wiretap.

An experienced Massachusetts Drug Trafficking Defense Lawyer will begin his representation by challenging the facts and circumstances leading up to the issuance of the search warrant.  In addition, once the warrant issues, a skilled Massachusetts Drug Trafficking Defense Attorney will examine the protocols employed by law enforcement to secure ongoing permission to continue the wiretap.  A successful challenge to the issuance of the search warrant could result in suppression of some or all of the evidence seized by the government.  Suppression of certain evidence may substantially weaken the governments’ case.


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