What is ‘domestic’ assault and battery in Massachusetts?  When a person is charged with assault and battery in Massachusetts and the alleged victim and the defendant are engaged in some sort of ‘domestic’ relationship, the crime will frequently be termed ‘domestic assault and battery.’  Some of the relationships that are characterized as ‘domestic’ include husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, mother/son, and father/daughter.  It is important to note that Massachusetts Law does establish a separate statute for ‘domestic assault and battery.’  While all assault and battery crimes can be serious offenses, ‘domestic’ assaults are prosecuted with extra care.

Establishing a strong defense to the charge of ‘domestic assault and battery’ requires a thorough review of the Government’s evidence.  In some ‘domestic assault and battery’ cases the evidence is presented in the form of testimony from the alleged victim.  Some clients erroneously believe the words of the alleged victim are not evidence.  This is not true.  The testimony of the alleged victim is evidence.  So how do you defend against the allegations?

An experienced Massachusetts ‘Domestic Assault and Battery’ lawyer will analyze the facts surrounding the alleged assault.  Were there any physical injuries?  Was there a 911 call?  How long did it take until the alleged victim reported the incident?   Were there any witnesses to the incident?  What would be the possible motives for the alleged victim’s report?  A thorough investigation is critical to successfully defend a ‘domestic assault and battery’ charge.


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