There is nor requirement that you have an attorney at a clerk’s hearing; it is a wise decision to retain an attorney for a clerk’s-hearing.

“It’s just a clerk’s-hearing; it’s no big deal.”  “The hearing is with a clerk, not a Judge.”  “The case is bogus, I don’t need a lawyer.”  These are some of the things defense attorneys hear when a client calls them looking for representation in a criminal case.  Many people trivialize a clerk’s-hearing because they think it’s no big deal.

It is important to understand the purpose of a clerk’s-hearing.  A top Massachusetts Clerk’s-Hearing Lawyer will counsel his client that the hearing is a proceeding to determine whether a criminal complaint should issue against them.  At a clerk’s-hearing there are several potential outcomes.  First, the clerk finds probable cause and issues a complaint.  Second, a clerk may determine no probable cause and deny the application for a criminal complaint.  Third, the clerk may find probable cause but not issue the complaint.

An experienced Boston, MA Clerk’s-Hearing Lawyer will meet with you to discuss the facts of the case.  Your attorney will prepare by developing the facts and argue that no complaint should issue against you.  A skilled Massachusetts Clerk’s-Hearing attorney will present the strengths of your case and point out the weaknesses of the complaining witnesses case, all in an effort to persuade the clerk not to issue a criminal complaint.

I didn’t even get arrested, what’s the big deal?

Arraignment is the trigger for a criminal charge appearing on your CORI.  Once you are arraigned, even if the case is dismissed the next day, the entry will appear on your CORI.  CORI’s are filled with codes, abbreviations and acronyms.  They can be difficult to interpret for someone who is not an attorney.  In today’s world it is common for employers to run CORI checks prior to offering employment.  This is true even for entry-level jobs.  A criminal charge on your CORI can be an impediment to obtaining employment.  In short, a clerk’s-hearing presents you with an opportunity to avoid a criminal record if you can persuade a clerk against issuing a criminal complaint.

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