On January 31, 2014 the Brockton Enterprise reported Brockton Police raided a second floor apartment on Pleasant Street.  The raid resulted in the seizure of crack cocaine, heroin, Percocet, a firearm, ammunition and other illegal paraphernalia.


A top Massachusetts criminal defense attorney will prepare a motion to suppress the gun and drugs that were seized.  The affidavit in support of a search warrant must establish probable cause before a search warrant issues.  A Brockton Gun & Drug defense lawyer will examine the affidavit seeking ways to challenge the finding of probable cause to issue the search warrant.  Areas that a skilled Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer will examine include the basis for the information leading to a conclusion drugs or guns would be located in the apartment, who was the person that provided the information to police, does the affidavit establish a connection to the apartment and the drugs or guns, and how recently did police learn of the information.

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