According to the Brockton Enterprise, four people were arrested when over 1000 pounds of marijuana was seized from an Avon, MA warehouse.

The article states the marijuana was seized from several large boxes that were filled with ears of corn.  As a result of the seizure, Jeff Ezedi, Donnelly Ray Stephan Durant and Sheena Hamilton were charged with trafficking marijuana and firearm offenses.

A skilled Massachusetts Marijuana Trafficking Defense Lawyer has much to work with in defending this case.  The defense in this case begins with analyzing the search.  The Enterprise article does not indicate if the search was a result of a search warrant.  If there was a search warrant what was the basis of knowledge for concluding it was likely marijuana would be seized from boxes containing ears of corn?  Who provided the police with the information?  Was it a confidential informant?  Had he/she ever provided reliable information to police in the past?  Was the search in any way connected to a “dog sniff?”  If so, what is the dog’s record on drug sniffs?  The answers to these questions will provide valuable information when preparing a motion to suppress the evidence.

Additionally, a Top Brockton Drug Trafficking Defense Lawyer will learn his clients’ connection, as well as the connection of the co-defendants, to the warehouse.  Does his client work at the warehouse?  For how long?  What is his job?  Does he have a direct connection to the boxes of corn?  What about the co-defendants and their connection to the warehouse?  Do the co-defendants know each other?  How?

The answers to these questions will be helpful to preparing the defense strategy at trial.  If the government is seeking to prove the charge under a theory of constructive possession they must prove three things: (1) that the defendant had knowledge of the contraband; (2) that the defendant had the ability to exercise dominion and control over the marijuana; and (3) that he had the intention to exercise dominion and control over the illegal narcotics.


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