According to the Salem News, police stopped Deshawn Mosley for speeding.  Using a radar device, police estimated Mosley’s speed at 10 m.p.h. over the posted speed limit.  Police approached Mosley and asked for license and registration.  Mosley reached into the glove compartment but could not produce the documents.  Mosley allegedly gave police another name.  When police checked the name through the mobile computer, the person pictured in the photo did not match Mosley.  Police ordered Mosley to exit the car.  A subsequent pat-frisk led to the seizure of a loaded handgun.  Mosley was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm.

Massachusetts Gun Defense Lawyer

An experienced Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney will begin the defense of Mosley by examining the lawfulness of the search.  A Massachusetts Gun Defense Lawyer will evaluate the reasons for the stop and the events leading to the seizure of the gun.  Anytime a government agent seizes evidence without a search warrant, the government has the burden to demonstrate the seizure was reasonable.

A skilled and experienced firearm defense lawyer will file a Motion to Suppress.  The Motion to Suppress will challenge the lawfulness of the stop, exit order and the subsequent pat-frisk that led to the seizure of the gun.

The Law Office of Jeffrey Miller has defended people accused of unlawful gun possession.  Boston Gun Defense Lawyer Jeff Miller has successfully suppressed guns in the District Courts of Massachusetts as well as the Superior Courts of Massachusetts.  CLICK HERE  to read more about Attorney Miller’s Suppression cases.  If you have a need to defend an illegal firearm charge in Massachusetts call 617-482-5799 to schedule an appointment.